The history of the Fortress

1796 - 1814

Napoleon Bonaparte

French occupation.

After the victory of the Battle of Marengo, Napoleon made changes to make the Citadel the "Eastern Gate" of France.



The Bergoglio district, with its strategic location near the Tanaro River, it was demolished for the construction of the fortress.

Charles Emmanuel III  of Sardinia

Citadel start of construction work in 1732 under King Carlo Emanuele III of Savoy.

Treaty of Utrecht

In 1713 the city of Alessandria passed under the rule of King Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy.



During the Revolution of 1821 the Carbonari Tricolor was raised for the first time at the Citadel of Alessandria.

Andrea Vochieri

Andrea Vochieri, Patriot of Alessandria, actively participated during the Revolution of 1821.

He joined Giovine Italia.

He was arrested at the Citadel in 1833 and sentenced to death a few days later.

Giuseppe Garibaldi

Giuseppe Garibaldi, known for the Expedition of the Thousand during the Italian Unification, was imprisoned in 1867 at the Citadel.

2nd World War

37th Infantry Division Ravenna 

The 37th Infantry Division Ravenna took part in the Russian campaign during the Second World War.

A sacrarium is at the Citadel in memory of the soldiers

I Luoghi del Cuore

In 2012, Citadel ranked first nationally to the census "I Luoghi del Cuore" promoted by FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano.

7 Most Endangered

In 2014, the Citadel is inserted by Europa Nostra between seven European threatened monuments.

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